Our Team


Donnie Gross


As Managing Member of Varsity Investment Group, Donnie Gross oversees the day-to-day development and asset management activities. The company has more than 3,000 rental beds constructed, in the pipeline or under construction throughout the United States with projects that range from urban high-rise to mixed-use residential with ground floor retail.

Mr. Gross created the Varsity Investment Group, formerly known as Potomac Holdings, in 2002. At the conclusion of 2015 Mr. Gross and Mr. Connolly sold TLK Group, one of the nation’s largest call centers with clients such as Comcast and Time Warner, to market leader The Results Companies. In 1998 he founded Millioneyes, a venture backed internet service provider that was successfully exited via an acquisition from NetZero. Mr. Gross also formed Edge Communications, a telecommunications services firm that he sold in 1997 to publicly traded DCI Communications.

Scott Shinskie


As a partner with Varsity Investment Group, Scott Shinskie manages the development of their student housing communities. He is responsible for directing the company’s development, management, construction, and marketing activities. Scott began his tenure at Varsity Investment Group at the company’s inception in 2002. Previously, Scott was the Director of Commercial Sales for Millioneyes where he was responsible for creating strategic relationships to create large-scale growth. In addition, Scott recently completed his tenure on the Board of Advisors at the University of Baltimore’s Merrick School of Business Economic Development and Real Estate.

Matt Connolly


With over 35 years in the accounting industry, Chief Financial Officer Matthew Connolly brings unparalleled experience to his position at Varsity Investment Group. As Principal and CFO, he is responsible for the Company’s financial and accounting philosophies. As Chief Financial Officer, he maintains strategic banking relationships and has a focal role in raising capital for future developments. Additionally, Mr. Connolly along with Mr. Gross sold TLK Group, a national call center with Fortune 500 clients, to the Results Companies, an international provider of customer management experience providers.

He also was a founder and CFO of Millioneyes, the then fourth largest dial-up internet service provider prior to its acquisition by publially traded NetZero. Previously, Matthew was the Chief Financial Officer for Saunders Group, a national real estate concern that focused on residential development.

Chad Connolly


The newest addition to the Varsity team, Chad Connolly joins as an associate responsible for handling all legal aspects. Prior to joining the team Chad was a public defender in Florida handling cases in both the state and federal courts. Chad received his jurist doctorate from the University of Miami.